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Chunky Druzy Ring
Chunky Druzy Ring

Chunky Druzy Ring

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These genuine druzies are created by a natural process that forms tiny crystals on a matrix surface. The beauty of the druzy comes from the sparkle of these crystals. Druzy formations can be created from various minerals, but the most common are agates. 

Finger Size: Approximately 7-8.5 (Adjustable)

Ring Size: Approximately 1-1/4" x 3/4".

Metal: Hammered Gold Titanium

Color: Silver Druzy/Gold Band

Stone: Large Chunky Genuine Druzy with Paved Clear & Silver Rhinestones

Please note that due to the stones being genuine-natural druzies, each piece varies by size, shape, color, brilliance and may not look exactly like the product in the photo. While a piece may appear flawed, it is merely the characteristics from a unique one-of-a-kind stone.