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Celebration Lists

As women we feel like if we aren’t doing ALL. THE. THINGS. that we are failing. Failing as a mom, a wife, a friend, sister, employee, boss, etc. We focus on what we DIDN’T do instead of what we actually DID do. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. (One of my fave quotes)
So....make a celebration list. Make one daily. Write down all the things you accomplished big or small. Did you go for a walk? Celebrate it and write it down. Did you get out of bed? Write it down. Did you have a good sales day? Make dinner? Didn’t lose your shit with your kid? Crossed off three items on your to do list? Write it ALL down and CELEBRATE YOURSELF. You are worthy and deserving of celebrating!!!
You will see so many things on your list that you will feel like a badass that you are and realize just how much good in your life is happening. You won’t feel like a failure. You will feel like a #girlboss.
Dream big, then dream bigger.
Love, Rhonda

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