Meet Rhonda Madrid



 Hi! My name is Rhonda Madrid. I am the founder & CEO of Rhonda Madrid Designs, LLC.

I started making jewelry in 2017 as a creative outlet to help keep my mind busy and free from anxiety and depression. Soon, my small hobby became a business, and Rhonda Madrid Designs was born (formally known as Dangled Designs).

I have been on a self-love journey for a few years and learning how to be authentically myself without apology. I am extremely passionate about empowering other women and sharing my journey with them in hopes that I can inspire them to do the same. Every woman should feel confident, beautiful, love themselves as they are, and know that they are deserving of happiness. My goal is to uplift women by incorporating a "Girl Boss" attitude within my company, my brand ambassadors, my employees, every customer and every piece of jewelry I create. 

 I am very proud to say that Rhonda Madrid Designs started out with $30 and a shopping trip to a local craft store. With only a high school diploma and a few college credits, I am building a sustainable and profitable business. If I can be a #GirlBoss, so can you! Find your passion, stay true to yourself, never settle, dream big and then dream even bigger.