Messy Healing

Messy Healing

It's messy in the beginning, it's messy in the middle and it's messy at the end, and just when you think you're all healed up.....BAM! Something hits you like a ton of bricks.

My healing journey has been far from linear and with a whole lot of plot twists. Dare I say that the healing journey never ends? I believe that there will always be some degree of healing to do. Now, that's not to discourage you from getting started or to not keep going. Because while there may always still be healing to do, it DOES get better. So much better.

I find myself accepting things I couldn't accept before. I'm still allowing myself to feel, but without falling apart. The negative self-talk has become less and less. I'm taking responsibility for mistakes I made, and then I forgive myself. 

Is every day rainbows and butterflies? Hell no. But, I can honestly say that I look forward to continuing to heal so I can keep getting to know, love and honor myself. 

So while you may be at a messy point in your healing journey, I promise it does get better. Keep going.

Love, Rhonda xoxo

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