My Secrets

My Secrets

I am a college dropout, I have failed over and over again in all areas of my life.

Everything I have learned was self-taught. I've Googled, I've asked questions, I've read books, articles, blogs, I've researched other businesses. Whatever information I could and can get my hands on, I read it. I absorb it. I don't believe that you need a college degree to run a business. Stop getting into $50,000-$100,000 in debt with student loans. Because they don't TEACH you in college or high school the MINDSET that you must have in order to succeed.

My secrets to success are:

1. Fail. Fail.....and fail again. Dust yourself off and keep freaking going.

2. Put yourself out there. Show up. Don't give two craps what others think about you.

3. Remember allllllll the traumatic crap you have been through in your life and KNOW that if you can get through THAT shit storm(s) that you can do ANYTHING.

4. STOP blaming the world, your parents, your ex, yourself for where you are at in your life. Take ownership. STOP being a victim. Forgive them and yourself.

5. Stop letting your EXCUSES control your life. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way.

6. Stop settling. In your relationships, your job, your health, your mindset. Your LIFE.

7. Suck it up. If you want something bad enough it will be HARD. Sacrifices. Long nights. 4 hours of sleep. A house that looks like a tornado hit it.

8. Contrary to what you think. You have CHOICES.

And my super secret???

I changed my mindset. I've devoted hours of personal development. I've changed my attitude. I let go of toxic relationships. I attract high vibe people into my life. I don't give up on my dreams. I follow my heart because I KNOW I AM MADE FOR MORE (thank you Rachel Hollis). I have mentors that don't even know I exist. I BELIEVE in myself. I BELIEVE in the life I am creating. I am always looking for ways to make myself better. I don't take no for an answer. I don't take what nay sayers say personal or to heart. I made a decision to take a risk, to leave an industry that I was in for 18 years to do what I was created on this earth to do. I'm going after my passions, my purpose in life, my dreams. 

This is only the beginning.

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I need you in my life!!!! 💕 Rachel Hollis is a rockstar, but so are you. I admire what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. I’m trying not to be jealous, but you’re living the life that I’m trying to build. I just keep struggling but I fall/fail and rise up and try it again. I’m continuously reminded that I’ve made it through 100% of the tough days. 😊 Thank you for inspiring me!


I freaking love you! Thanks for always being an inspiration! ❤❤❤


A thousand times, yes! Speak your truth, Rhonda! ❤


Thank you so much for sharing this!! Your raw truth is so refreshing. I always feel so inspired and encouraged after reading your posts.


This was beautiful I’m so happy for you. What you said about forgiveness is something I’m really trying to work hard on right now. You will make a very good writer and it all starts with your mindset! I’m so happy for you. I have always wanted to write a book too. Hopefully i can get my head to focus and do it one day. Keep Going girl you’re amazing!!


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